Anti-Counterfeiting, On-line Protection and Enforcement

We have a strong expertise in assisting right holders in the protection and enforcement of their Intellectual and industrial property rights and personality rights, both on-line and off-line, before judicial courts or administrative regulators, including:

• The devising and implementation of off-line and on-line anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy strategies and campaigns, searches and seizures of infringing products, proceedings against off-line and on-line intermediaries, at domestic and European level;
• All pre-litigation steps, such as the on-line monitoring and clustering of on-line counterfeiting activities, collection of evidence, notices and cease and desist letters to on-line infringers and intermediaries;
• Actions aimed at urgent or dynamic orders against search engines for the de-indexing of sites from search results, or hosting and mere conduit service providers for the blocking of access to or the removal of content from counterfeiting sites, social media accounts, sharing platforms, on-line channels and marketplaces;
• Actions against cybersquatting aimed at the recovery of domain names;
• Actions for the on line protection of personal data, e-reputation and other personality rights such as the right to be forgotten;
• Actions in respect of misleading, derogatory or otherwise illegal on-line commercial communications;
• Actions against infringers and liable intermediaries to recover damages from infringement and obtain other measures including permanent injunctions.

In addition to our contentious work, we also advise on relations with authorities, regulators and industry associations, as well as prospect changes in applicable rules or policies.

We assist key industry players active in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia, including:
Film, TV, AVMS Providers: production companies, linear and non linear audiovisual media service and content providers, content sharing service providers, artists and performers;
Music: music providers, music publishers and record labels, artists and performers;
• Sports and Esports: sports clubs, sports organizations, videogame producers, athletes;
• Teatro, Live shows, Events: production companies, organizers;
Fashion and Luxury: fashion houses, start-ups;
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: cosmetics houses, pharmaceutical houses;
Print and Digital Publishing publishers and magazine publishers;
Design: design houses;
Art and Visual Arts: museums and foundations, media companies;
Advertising: communication agencies, industry associations.

We are the members for Italy of the INCOPRO LEGAL NETWORK, a network of lawyers specializing in on-line enforcement, enforcement technologies and digital intelligence solutions.

We are very active in industry sector associations and we regularly participate to industry events (INDICAM, INSYNC)
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