Art, Cultural Goods and Heritage

We have a recognized expertise and a practical knowledge of the art market and the art and cultural heritage laws.

Our non-contentious work includes advice on the strategy, management, structuring, drafting, negotiation and performance of all kinds of agreements and documents for:
• Copyright protection, valuation, authentication, circulation and exploitation of art works and cultural goods, including sale, donation, assignment, licence, certification, droit de suite and moral rights;
• All aspects of the right of panorama and the reproduction of works of art and cultural goods for commercial purposes;
• The organization and management of exhibitions and cultural initiatives, including all clearances, artistic direction, curatorship, loans, shipping and storage, funding, sponsorship, launch and exploitation;
• The organization and management of archives, private and corporate collections and databases, including digitization and tokenization for purposes of blockchain systems;
• The funding and investment in art works and cultural goods, including under art bonus regimes;
• The relations with public regulators and entities and are able to assist and guide in respect of prospect changes in applicable rules or policies.

Our contentious work includes:
• The strategy, coordination and implementation of anti-counterfeiting campaigns at national and European level, including actions at customs and on-line enforcement actions aimed at injunctive relief before judicial courts and administrative authorities;
• The protection of right holders in authenticity and sale disputes, before national and European courts and authorities.

We assist key players active in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia such as:
• Art galleries, curators and organizers of exhibitions or cultural events;
• Auction houses;
• Foundations and museums;
• Art funds, art investors.

We are members of the INCOPRO LEGAL NETWORK, a network of lawyers specializing in on-line enforcement, enforcement technologies and digital intelligence solutions.
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