Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We specialize in solutions for enterprises in difficulty. We assist all enterprises, whether domestic or international, organized in Italy as natural person enterprises or companies, that need to overcome a corporate crisis whilst preserving corporate assets. We also assist entrepreneurs in the protection of their personal assets in accordance with the interests of their enterprise.

In pre-insolvency matters, we advise clients in identifying the symptoms of and preventing corporate distress, by:
• The assessment and implementation of appropriate organizational, management and accounting structures;
• The valorisation and protection of corporate assets;
• The devising of strategies, the management and the structuring of corporate restructuring initiatives;
• The study and implementation of industrial and/or corporate transactions, including extraordinary transactions;
• The acquisition of financial resources for corporate restructuring;
• The examination, negotiation and conclusion of agreements with tax authorities, social security entities, banks, suppliers and creditors in general;
• The devising of strategies, the management and the structuring of initiatives for the safeguarding of the personal assets of entrepreneurs.

In insolvency procedures, we advise enterprises in accessing the primary tools to solve their corporate distress, such as certified restructuring plans, restructuring agreements, preventive arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy filings by entrepreneurs, including with the request to continue to carry out the business. We also advise bankruptcy receivers and administrators in all procedure negotiations and on disputes for the protection of the rights of the body of creditors and procedural bodies. 

Our clients include primary private and public operators, such as:
• SMEs and large enterprises;
• Their shareholders and creditors;
• Bankruptcy receivers, administrators and judicial liquidators and more generally insolvency procedures bodies;
• Entrepreneurs in respect of their personal assets.

We are members of the insolvency procedures committee of the Bar of Milan.
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