ICT - Information and Communication Technology

Our expertise encompasses information and communication technology laws and we assist all players involved in the design, development, exploitation and protection of digital products and content, whether standard or bespoke, as well as networks and platforms.

Our non-contentious work includes advice on the strategy, management, structuring, drafting, negotiation and performance of all kinds of agreements and documents for:
• All regulatory aspects concerning operators, such as registrations, authorizations, licences;
• All stages of the design, development, funding, clearance, patenting or other protection, implementation and maintenance of all types of digital products and content;
• The engagement and acquisition of relevant rights of all creators, programmers, inventors;
• All steps of the exploitation of protected digital products and content throughout their period of protection, as well as fair use and exceptions and limitations to protection;
• All aspects of e-commerce and information society services platforms, including terms of use, terms of sale, payment services, data protection. and protection of consumers;
• All forms of on-line, interactive, native advertising and marketing;
• All aspects of on-line gaming and betting;
• All aspects of liability of information society service providers;
• The relations with public and industry sector regulators, also in respect of prospect changes in applicable rules or policies. 

Our contentious work work includes:
• The strategy, coordination and implementation of on-line anti-fraud, anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting campaigns, at national and European level;
• Protecting right holders against unauthorised use, infringement, plagiarism and defamation;
• Actions against cybersquatting and for the protection of e-reputation;
• Alternative dispute resolution procedures, including arbitration and mediation. 

Our clients include key industry players active in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia including:
• Information Society Services: intermediaries, including mere conduit, hosting and caching service providers; esports publishers;
Software, IOT: software houses, high-tech companies, videogame and virtual reality producers, innovative startups;
Fashion and Luxury: fashion houses;
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: cosmetics houses, pharmaceutical houses;
Film, TV, AVMS Providers: production companies, audiovisual media service providers, content sharing service providers;
Music: streaming and podcasting platforms, start-ups;
Digital Publishing: magazine publishers.

We have an extensive knowledge in anti-counterfeiting technologies.

We are active members of industry sector associations and regularly participate to industry events (INSYNC, INCOPRO LEGAL NETWORK, INDICAM).
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